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Summary User friendly open source content management system
Categories design, construction, deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) credas, electro, spajus

CMS Secma
After some free content management systems (CMS) research we haven't found any, 
which fully satisfies our needs and would be sufficient for business.
So we created our CMS Secma. We tried to make instalation and usability 
as easy and as comfortable as posible. Secma is suitable from small to average sized web sites.

Addvantages of our CMS

    * Simple, automated instalation
    * Full multilanguage support
    * Modules (if we have no module to suit your needs, we'll create one)
    * Tree structure
    * Simple addition of new page
    * Permisions on pages
    * You can assign custom template for a page
    * WYSIWYG editor (MS Word like)
    * Data backup system
    * Dictionary

It was a commercial project, now it's gone Open Source!
Keep the spirit up!